Kris the Capturer

I'm Kris, and I'm from Johto!
I love catching Pokemon! Do you have any new ones to show me?
((No art is mine unless I say so, I do draw stuff for this sometimes))

Hope I got your attention!!!

 whether the ball actually happens or not, I really want to draw everyone in their fancy attire. (Not all together, cause I’m bad at groups though asldjf)

So, if you’d like a little doodle of just your character or them and their date, hit me up with a message! This will be spread out over time because school and I just can’t draw that many pictures that quickly. (Maybe a few per night, but…) Anyway, I on ly have two guidelines. I highly recommend you be descriptive if you can, and be creative! As much detail as possible because I would love to get it right.

So if y’all want one, you know where to go!

That is all, continue with your RP~!

-Mary (Kris-mun)

PS: They’ll be in color!!

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